January 23, 2023


Three new Lithium-Ion batteries – the MLI Ultra 12/3000, the MLI Ultra 12/6000 and the MLI Ultra 24/6000

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Amsterdam – Mastervolt, a global leader in innovative autonomous power solutions, is pleased to announce the arrival of three new Lithium-Ion batteries – the MLI Ultra 12/3000, the MLI Ultra 12/6000 and the MLI Ultra 24/6000. The new batteries will be manufactured at a new dedicated production plant that Mastervolt has recently opened to meet the growing demand for powerful Lithium-Ion batteries across several markets. Mastervolt’s engineers have developed these larger capacity batteries to be deep-cycle domestic supply batteries for use onboard marine vessels and in mobile applications to provide more power, over a longer period of time, while taking up less space and weight.

“Today’s boats and recreational vehicles are equipped with an increased number of features – these additional power loads make using traditional lead-acid battery banks nearly impossible to accommodate due to excessive weight and size – the MLI delivers optimal capacity,” said Eric Lindquist, VP and General Manager, Power Systems at Navico Group. “These new MLI models, offer enhanced power storage capacity, in a lighter weight and smaller footprint. The superior performance of the new MLI lineup will help meet the ever-growing demand for power capacity. Mastervolt’s lithium-Ion battery technology offers an innovative solution that is suitable for so many – from racing yachts trying to keep unwanted weight to a minimum, to the camper that wants to stay off grid for as long as possible. Additionally, we believe the MLI series is poised to deliver power solutions to a variety of markets.”  

Superior performance

Lithium-Ion batteries are known for their high energy density, offering fast charging, and savings in volume and weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. These new models are no exception as they provide 20% more density and 15% more capacity in Amp hours, and a greater battery cycle life as a result, compared to Mastervolt’s previous largest models. 

Available in 12 volt for the MLI Ultra 3000 and both 12 volt and 24 volt for the MLI Ultra 6000, the new additions to Mastervolt’s range offer an un-matched energy-to-weight ratio weighing 20% less than previous models. The MLI Ultra 3000 weighs just 56 pounds and the MLI Ultra 6000 comes in at 103 pounds, making the MLI Ultra 24/6000 Lithium-Ion battery a suitable replacement for two 12/200 Ah lead-acid gel batteries in series to provide 24 volt) – which weigh nearly 300 pounds. 

The new Mastervolt MLI Ultra 3000 and MLI Ultra 6000 both have a realistic lifespan of over 3,500 cycles and can safely use up to 80% of their capacity before needing to be recharged, offering five times more energy storage than lead acid batteries, which can only safely use up to 50% of their capacity before needing a charge. The MLI Ultra 3000 and MLI Ultra 6000 can be recharged within 60 minutes.

Battery management

As with the entire Mastervolt Lithium-Ion battery range, the MLI Ultra 3000 and MLI Ultra 6000 feature

a unique Battery Management System (BMS) that ensures the battery can be safely and correctly charged.

The system is equipped with a self-learning balancing algorithm that predicts the behavior of each individual battery cell and balances proactively, resulting in a faster and more efficient charge cycle. Mastervolt uses Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4), the safest available Lithium-Ion chemistry, for all batteries.

Easy installation

Mastervolt is always working to simplify the set-up of their products and reduce the specialist skill level required to do this. The MLI Ultra 3000 and MLI Ultra 6000 can be connected in an unlimited parallel configuration, and the built-in common-rail technology offers an easy series connection of multiple MLI Ultra batteries. These new batteries have CZone® ports built in as standard, making it easy to fully integrate the batteries into an electrical system through a choice of the CZone platform, as well as the MasterBus and NMEA 2000® protocols.

As standard on the Mastervolt MLI range of batteries, the new models have easy-to-install features, including two integrated carrying handles with a recess for the correct and practical installation and storing of the cables. The battery poles are easily accessible and completely protected, so no extra isolation covers are needed.

Pricing for the new batteries are as follows:

  • MLI Ultra 12/3000 is priced at $3,644.42
  • MLI Ultra 12/6000 is priced at $6,341.89
  • MLI Ultra 24/6000 is priced at $6,341.89

The MLI Ultra Battery will be on display at boot Düsseldorf 2023, hall 10 stand C18. For more information about Mastervolt and the new MLI Ultra battery range, visit www.mastervolt.com

About Mastervolt

Mastervolt is part of Navico Group, a division of Brunswick Corporation’s (NYSE: BC) and is a leader in innovative autonomous power solutions. As specialists in the management, conversion, and storage of electrical energy, Mastervolt offers a comprehensive product portfolio with a power range from 300 W to 40 kWatt. The brand’s electric solutions are widely used in demanding markets such as marine, mobile, offshore, industrial, autonomous solar and infrastructure. For more information about Mastervolt, visit https://www.mastervolt.com/.  

About Navico Group

A division of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC), Navico Group is the world’s leading supplier of integrated systems and products to industries ranging from marine to recreational vehicle and beyond. The Navico Group portfolio is comprised of industry-leading brands in power management, digital control & monitoring, networked devices, and marine electronics. Some of the many brands that make up Navico Group include: AncorAttwoodB&GBEPBlue Sea SystemsC-MapCZoneGarelickLencoLowranceMarincoMastervoltMotorGuideProgressive IndustriesProMarinerRELiONSimrad, and Whale.



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