November 9, 2023

Navico Group’s Support of Navan demonstrates the value it can bring to OEMs with ‘turnkey’ electronics solutions

Navan, the new boat brand from Brunswick Boat Group’s Venture Group, was launched at Cannes boat show in 2023. It is already a great success in Europe and beyond with excellent reviews with both its C30 (cabin) and S30 (sun-top) models.


Navico Group – through the global Navico Connect Team – is proud to have played an important role in developing a fully integrated, ‘turnkey’ electronics solution which will be incorporated onto every single one of Quicksilver’s Navan boat produced.




What was significant about this project?


The end system that was delivered to Navan could be a compelling proposition for other OEMs. Navico Group is the only player in the industry today that can combine software with hardware to deliver a full system that is ‘turn-key’ and ready to go.


The team in the US handled all the hardware assemblies “below the dash” elements including dash panels, battery panels, component boards, cabling, and batteries, while the Forli Team worked on the “above the dash” elements, including the Op box, which is essentially the brain that provides an excellent User Experience through an Intuitive User Interface on the Simrad NSX display.



The Software Team busy testing in Gothenburg

The Navico Connect Team busy working on the final commissioning at the production site in Poland.



How does this kind of system support OEMs (boat builders) in Marine?


The benefits for the OEM using a system like this are endless:


  • This entire system comes from one supplier (Navico Group) which saves the OEM time and money and simplifies the design-phase.
  • Everything is pre-connected, pre-tested, pre-assembled. You don’t need a highly trained electrician to fit everything.
  • Any OEM customer would also benefit from Navico Group’s Engineering Team that would aid in the design and optimization of the system.
  • Boats are getting more and more complicated, but at the same time, yards don’t have big technical teams. To be able to outsource this part of the boat is extremely valuable to them because it allows them to focus on their core capabilities instead.


The technology not only simplifies the design phase, but it obtains the maximum functionality when you combine our products and 3rd party systems together. By choosing Navico Group, Navan (and its end users) get a superior experience.



What’s included in the System?


The bespoke graphical interface on the MFD is fantastic and the levels of interaction with the boat through the MFD are greater, with more functionality in controlling lights, temperature, and other information that helps both the Captain and the OEM.   


The integrated system provided to Navan included the following elements:


  • Simrad NSX 12-inch display
  • BEP box for remote control
  • 2 CZone Modules
  • RELiON batteries / Mastervolt charger
  • Control panel 
  • Blue Sea Systems switches
  • OP Box – the “brain” (a Navico White goods product)
  • Pre connector cable – developed in US, all come together, easy for the electrician. Plug and play. Easy for after sales too.



The Software Team busy testing in Gothenburg

The two 12" Simrad NSX display aboard Quicksilver's Navan with its bespoke User Interface.



What’s next for Navico Connect?


There is plenty of scope to increase the system’s capability and provide OEM customers with even more integration and control. For instance, our Fathom e-power lithium battery system can also be included in the integration package, as well as CZone’s boatbuilder app.


If you are interested in hearing more about the bespoke electronics systems for OEMs that gives end-users more control than ever before, please get in touch with Daniel Clarkson (US) or Gabriele Gatta (Rest of the World) for more details. 



The Software Team busy testing in Gothenburg

Custom UI we developed for Navan in collaboration with the BBG graphic designer.