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Every Fathom system features premium components from the world’s leading brands; all brought together in customizable kits that enable seamless integration for virtually any application.



Combining powerful components from industry-leading brands like Mastervolt, CZone, Simrad, and Blue Sea Systems, the Fathom e-power system is an alternative to traditional genset solutions. Allowing users to extend time away from the charge source by providing more battery capacity while eliminating noise, vibration, and harmful fumes associated with traditional generator experiences.


Integrated lithium-ion systems and all associated component brands.

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Navico Group is your single source for innovative products and solutions that power adventures on the water and the road.

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Intuitive systems and premium components designed to support performance, safety and enjoyment on the water.

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Digital control, monitoring and power systems designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability on the road.

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From golf carts to life-saving emergency vehicles we build effective and dependable energy sources that are there when you need them most.