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Powering performance on the job

With best-in-class reliability and next to no maintenance, Fathom e-power will boost productivity and aid next-level efficiency at work.

The world's most advanced power

Fathom e-power brings together the most premium, quality components from the most trusted brands in power to deliver unified, custom systems for a world-class user experience.

premium components, from trusted brands

Lithium-Ion Batteries & Chargers

AC Distribution & Digital Meters

Digital Switching


Relays & Switches

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Broad compatibility

Fathom e-power systems aren’t restricted to a certain vehicle type. The huge range of customization options opens you up to fit Fathom to almost any vehicle or equipment, regardless of whether it’s brand new or a retrofit.

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Fathom’s great power lies in its adaptability. Build systems that precisely suit your needs – now, and forever – with the ability to customize  systems that can scale up as your power needs grow.


Our S-Series power management systems offer several benefits that reduce the time and costs of handling a semi-truck, fleet vehicle, work truck, emergency vehicle, and other commercial equipment. 

Fathom S3000

The 3000 Series includes lithium power management systems that provide enhanced visibility into the status of the power source.

  • Ability to use all electronics at once
  • Battery time to empty/full clearly displayed
  • Safe and reliable
  • Lightweight and space saving
  • Fast charge and high discharge capability

Fathom S5000

The 5000 Series includes integrated lithium power management systems with advanced control and monitoring and offer extended time away from the charge source.

  • Ability to use all appliances/electronics at once
  • On/off vehicle monitoring and control
  • Clear understanding of battery status and remaining charge
  • Clear understanding of status of the system
  • System makes informed decisions on power management based on user preferences

Fathom S7000

The 7000 Series includes integrated lithium power management systems with advanced control and monitoring, and offers maximum time away from the charge source.

  • Generator-like power availability without the hassles of a generator
  • Use all equipment/electronics at once and charge system through vehicle alternator
  • On/off vehicle monitoring and control
  • Clear understanding of status of the system
  • System makes informed decisions on power management automatically


The below comparison chart shows how Fathom e-power scales power based on your voltage and capacity needs.

  3000 Series 5000 Series 7000 Series
Electrical Power AC/DC ≤3kW 3kW+ 5kW+
Auxiliary Power 12V 12V/24V 12/24/48V primary
Battery Capacity ≤6kWh (500Ah) 6kWh+ (500Ah+) 12kWh+ (1000Ah+)
On Vehicle Display Digital Display Value Digital Display Mid Digital Display Mid/Premium
Digital Control Inform (Basic Monitoring) Infrom & Advise (Battery monitoring and basic control) Predict & Adapt (Full System Control)
Software CZONE/N2k optional CZONE/N2k optional CZONE

Eliminate noise and emissions

Due to the “always-on” nature of their work, many specialty vehicles and trucks spend a lot of time idling or using generators. This results in vast emissions, wasted fuel, and unnecessary stress and tear on engines. Fathom e-power eliminates all of that, keeping your fleet cleaner and healthier for longer.

Easy monitoring and control

Fathom provides clear readouts of your system – ultimately empowering users by making their day easier. Clear “time to empty” displays help you manage power and charging, maximizing your time away from power without causing "power anxiety”.

More charge cycles, with more energy

Making the switch to lithium-ion based power management marks a major improvement in efficiency. Lithium batteries provide more energy for high consumption than traditional lead-acid batteries. They also offer ultra-fast charging and discharging, more usable capacity, and longer cycle life – plus no maintenance.

Power that goes anywhere

Your vehicles need to be ready anytime, anywhere. That’s why we’ve built Fathom to be as flexible as possible when it comes to power needs. The e-power system provides significant mobile power, without the need for specialized charging infrastructure. So your next charge point isn’t as far away as you think.



Discuss the needs of your vehicle or equipment with the Fathom team.